Candidates need to be handled with care……..

call-the-candidateI just received a phone call from a Candidate who told me that she had e-mailed her CV into a particular agency and had followed up with several phone calls but had not received a response.

Her self-esteeem had been affected by this greatly as she believed the reason she did not get a response was that she was not placeable. I was shocked at this. No-one in this market is unplaceable or unemployable unless they choose to be.

A word of caution to all of us Recruitment Agencies. Treat your Candidates with care. This is a very difficult time for them and their self-esteem has been hammered enough through redundancies and lay-offs that are an every day occurence.

Take the time to talk to your Candidates. Return their calls and follow up on their CV’s. They should be treated with dignity at all times. These are tough times for everybody and a bit of encouragement on the part of the Recruitment Consultant is not a lot to ask.

Mind your Candidates and they will remember you for it…

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