Being pipped at the post…..

Interview successOne of my Candidates who was the hot favourite for one of my Medical Clients got pipped at the post today by a Candidate working for  my Client’s competitor. It was a real shame for my Candidate as he had done an excellent presentation in his second interview and was well liked by the Sales Manager.

Breaking that sort of news on the eve of St Patrick’s Day is not really what rocks my boat. My feeling after today’s experience is that the bar has been raised yet again for Candidates seeking Medical Sales  positions.

The message today is that if you work for a competitor of any of the companies you are seeking new employment with, you are in with a very good chance of getting the job.

For those of you who don’t, prepare your interview very well. We have a very useful link for Interview preparation on our website which will give you all the Interview tips you need. Follow this link:

Most of all Good Luck to all of you going for interview. Believe you are better than the best and of course, Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow!

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