Quitting Smoking with Champix update

Since our last post on the subject there are now two of us in the office using Champix to stop smoking.  Our experiences have been very different.

I don't smell of smoke anymore

I don't smell of smoke anymore

I have not smoked in 8 days.  I cannot say that it has been entirely painless though.  I started my course of Champix 22 days ago.  For the first few days I felt that I may as well be taking a cube of sugar.  Then, shortly before I stopped smoking I started experiencing side effects.  I was incredibly tired.  One memorable weekend I fell asleep every time I sat down.  My muscles felt weak – much like when you have the flu.  I can best describe how my body felt as “a feeling of needing to stretch every muscle in my body that was not relieved by actually stretching”.

I did not feel like I wanted to stop smoking on my final day (day 14 of taking the tablets is the last quit day).  I had however discovered that I was not getting as much satisfaction from the cigarrettes that I did smoke in the last few days before I quit.

My conclusion of Champix 8 days off cigarettes is that they work, but don’t expect it to be easy.  I have tried NRT (patch, gum, inhaler) previously and this is definitely much easier.  The hardest part so far has been the side effects of Champix, although it looks like I am in a minority with mine.  The list of side effects is long and often contradictory (diarrhoea/constipation for example), but none of the side effects are compulsory.  You may have none of them or some of them.  Sleep disturbance happens with NRT too.  I have had times when I have wanted a smoke in the last week, but not enough to actually have a smoke.  I have yet to experience the full euporia of feeling like a non-smoker but 8 days is early days.

My side effects are in stark contrast to the other person in our office on Champix.  She has been off cigarettes for weeks now.  The only side effect she has reported is nausea, which while it has been unpleasant, has resulted in her feeling repulsed by smoking.  Shortly before her quit date she actually vomited while smoking.  The taste of cigarettes became objectionable and the more she smoked the sicker she felt.

I had hoped that this would be the case for me but alas it was not to be.  That said, so far Champix is scoring 2 out of 2.  I cannot say that I had any great resolve to stop smoking either.  I asked my doctor about it on a whim while on a visit for something else.  I have smoked for 21 years and never stopped for longer than 3 months (10 years ago).  So far we are very happy to report that Champix works!  We will keep you posted

5 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking with Champix update

  1. I am currently on Day 9 of taking Champix. I have experienced the same side effects as your lady friend at the office – nausea, vomitting….nothing more though. That is enough! My craving for smoking is completely gone – now it is just the psychological to deal with.

    I have tried the gum, patch, hypnosis….none kept me a non-smoker, but maybe I wasn’t ready. you HAVE to be ready. I’m glad someone talkled me into Champix! It’s doing its job!

    Congrats on your quit, too!

  2. We currently have one success story and one (temporary) failure…. me. I tried to come off Champix before the recommended time. I stayed a non smoker for a few days until a friends wedding. That was a week and a half ago after 2 months smoke free. I am starting back on Champix tomorrow. The side effects I had were not nice but it was lovely not being a smoker!

    Well done Shawn C. The side effects do ease significantly. Champix certainly works, but not if you don’t use it as prescribed! (funny that).

  3. So guys its now sept, I would really like to know if you are still a non smoker
    and the biggest question of all ” Did champix really work ” and was it worth
    all the side effects ???