The curative properties of the Sunflower

The goodness of the Sunflower

The goodness of the Sunflower

My favourite flower of all is the Sunflower. I love its brightness, its gracefulness and most of all its health properties. I thought I would share this beautiful flower with anyone who is interested in reading on.

The Sunflower is believed to have originated in Mexico and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century and was established as an oilseed in Eastern Europe. The crop grew steadily in importance and is today one of the most important oilseeds in the world.

Sunflower seed kernels are an excellent protein food and can be considered as complete food. Eaten with milk, the seeds contribute to the needs of protein, the substance of which every cell in the body is made.

The kernels contain 50 per cent fat which makes them a highly satisfying food that prevents the ‘let down’ feeling of fatigue and weariness which is due to eating too much carbohydrate and sugar.

Being rich in potassium, the seeds help balance the sodium in our diets. Magnesium being plentiful in sunflower helps the heart and other muscles as well as the nervous tissue in the maintenance of proper balance between magnesium and calcium.

Foe anyone suffering from cardiac conditions,, the seeds contain a substantial quantity of linoleic acid which is the fat helpful in reducing cholesterol deposit on the walls of the arteries.

For a beautiful flower on the outside, it certainly is beautiful on the inside and is worth having in the house both in the food cupboard as well as in the vase!

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