New Medical Centre for Dublin

New Medical Centre to open

New Medical Centre to open

The Board of Trinity College Dublin has endorsed plans to establish a new integrated advanced medical centre, the Trinity Academic Medical Centre (TAMC), in collaboration with its major teaching hospitals, St James’s and the Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin Incorporating the National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght (AMNCH).

The first of its kind in Ireland, the TAMC will combine best practice in patient care with cutting edge research and teaching in a single governance medical model based on world-leading healthcare centres.

This new single cohesive entity is a radical new departure from the current practice, where the three institutions deliver these activities separately, operating entirely independently of one another. The three institutions have been actively pursuing this plan for some time.

It will offer a highly attractive work environment for the highest talent of the medical field, which will facilitate the recruitment and retention of the very best of medical professionals.

As a centre of medical education and research as well as advanced services, it will offer improved training for junior doctors, which will have benefits for patients throughout the country.

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