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Welcome to the Medical Jobs Blog here at Jackie Brown Medical.  This is the tool that we will use to communicate current events in all Medical fields.  If there is something new happening in Nursing, Radiography, Medical Sales, Pharmacy,

Medical Jobs in Ireland

Medical Jobs in Ireland

or any other area that has a connection to Healthcare and Medicine then this is the place to look for information on it.

This Medical Jobs Blog is for job seekers and employers who want to keep up with current events.  It will feature articles on the industry and also on recruitment agencies and how to get the best out of using whichever recruitment agencies you are dealing with.  We know that job seekers use more than one recruitment agency, in fact we encourage it.  We want this blog to be a place where you can leave comments and direct the contents of the blog to information that you would like to see.

It’s not all about Medical Jobs or even Medical Recruitment though.  We will also be providing some lighter content for your amusement.

In short, if you are a job seeker looking for work with a Medical or Healthcare based company, hospital or clinic, or if you are an employer wanting to keep in touch with recruitment trends or our observations on your own field, then you should sign up to the RSS feed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  Maybe you are one of our competitors looking for information to keep up with Irelands fastest growing Medical Recruitment Agency.  You are all most welcome and we look forward to seeing your comments.

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