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Award Winning Recruitment

National Recruitment Federation Awards 2012 - We win again!

Best online recruitment agency!

Ann O'Dea (left) Of Silicon Republic Presenting Elaine Lambert, Ali Evans and Jackie Brown of Jackie Brown Medical with the award for Best Agency Online Service 2012.

Best Agency Online Services. The team here at Jackie Brown Medical are delighted with our win in the 2012 NRF awards. Independently judged by Silicon Republic, the Online Services award is something we have been chasing for several years. In fact we have been shortlisted for the award three times previously.

This year we finally did it. We have put a LOT of work into our website. It is important to us that the site reflects the ethos of the company as a whole. It is not easy to make a website reflect the personal approach we pride ourselves on in our recruitment. We spent a lot of time making our site clear and easy to use while maintaining what we hope is a friendly demeanor.

Indeed, ease of use, good design and an informative and regularly updated blog were just some of the factors that led to our winning the award in 2012.

Of course, we still want to make it even better, so if you have any suggestions or observations about our site we would love to hear them. After all, an award is great, but it is you, the end user of the site that really counts. If you have something to say about the site then please get in contact with us and let us know how it could be even better. We have no objection to winning again next year based on the improvements you can make happen!

Shortlists 2012

We also achieved three shortlists this year. They were for.......

  • Recruiter of the Year. Jackie Brown Medical star recruiter Elaine Lambert was shortlisted for recruiter of the year in 2012, no small achievement when up against every recruiter in the country! In our eyes she deserved to win based on her amazing dedication to both her company clients and the job seekers she does her absolute best for... always.
  • Agency of the Year (small) Another shortlist for agency of the year in 2012. The economic downturn has led to the demise of more than a few recruitment agencies and those of us that are still thriving are a competitive lot! Recruitment standards are at the heart of what we do here at Jackie Brown Medical, and it is those standards that led to our well deserved short listing as Agency of the Year.
  • Best in Sector - Healthcare. We are going to get this one next year! We provide the best possible service to both employers and jobseekers. Shortlisting is a default position for us in the healthcare sector. Frankly we feel we sold our clients and jobseekers a bit short by not winning this one in 2012. The people we work with know that we always go the extra mile.... it's hard not to when you care as passionately about your job as we do. Interview tip: don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet providing you can back it up!

Jackie Brown Medical Shortlisted in THREE categories for 2011

The 2011 NRF awards were bigger than ever. There were over twice the submissions of the previous year. Jackie Brown Medical are proud to announce that we were shortlisted in three categories this year.

  • Agency of the Year
  • Best in Sector - Healthcare
  • Best Online Services

Jackie Brown Medical Win at National Recruitment Federation Awards

Jackie Brown is presented with Recruiter of the Year award. NRF Awards

Jackie Brown is presented with her award for
'Recruiter of the Year'
by Tom Crosbie of

The annual National Recruitment Federation (NRF) Awards were a resounding success for Jackie Brown Medical in 2008. Not only was Jackie awarded 'Recruiter of the Year' but the agency as a whole was also shortlisted in the 'Best Online Services' and 'Best New Agency' categories.

Jackie Brown Wins 'Recruiter of the Year' Award 2008

To win the Recruiter of the Year award is a significant achievement. Ireland is home to hundreds of recruitment agencies and the awards were open to all registered agencies, both members and non-members of the NRF.

Commenting on her win Jackie said, "I am absolutely honoured by this award. It is the single biggest achievement of my professional life. Recruitment is very much a service industry and we strive to provide both our clients and candidates with a level of professional service that is beyond their expectations. The award is recognition for my own work but also of the company as a whole since we all share the same work ethic. I am very proud of the progress the company has made in the space of a year and we will continue to build on that in the future."

Jackie credits her award for Recruiter of the Year to her clients and candidates who submitted testimonials commenting on their experience of Jackie Brown Medical and Jackie herself. "I was bowled over by the level of response and by how personal many of the comments were", said Jackie. "Each testimonial is an award in its own right. I am in the enviable position of having clients and candidates who have been very loyal to me and have followed me throughout my medical recruitment career."

Jackie Brown Medical Shortlisted for 'Best Online Services' and 'Best New Agency' 2008

We are delighted to have been shorlisted for the 'Best Online Services' and 'Best New Agency' awards as well as winning the 'Recruiter of the Year' award. We work very hard at making Jackie Brown Medical the best agency it possibly can be. Our emphasis is on service and although we use state of the art technology in our website and office systems, we are very aware that technology can sometimes get in the way of providing a professional and personal service. No agency ever won awards for automated responses. As Jackie says, "Finding the right balance between using technology to improve services and providing a friendly and personal service has been one of the keys to our success"

To Our Clients And Candidates

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and candidates who are the most important part of this business. We are your agency and we will be building on our success and pushing the bar up still higher in the coming year.

-The Team at Jackie Brown Medical


Jackie Brown Medical Shortlists: Agency of the Year, Best in Sector, Best Online Services Jackie Brown Medical Shortlists: Agency of the Year, Best in Sector, Best Online Services Jackie Brown Medical Shortlists: Agency of the Year, Best in Sector, Best Online Services Jackie Brown Wins Recruiter of the Year at NRF awards Jackie Brown Medical Shortlisted for Best Online Services Award at NRF awards Jackie Brown Medical Shortlisted for Best New Agency Award at NRF awards