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A Guide to Medical Sales Jobs in Ireland.

Advice on getting a job in Pharmaceutical Sales or Medical Device Sales in Ireland from The Medical Sales Recruitment Specialists, Jackie Brown Medical Ltd.

Getting a Job in Medical Sales

Medical Sales Jobs are much sought after and even once you are "in" it is a highly competitive career.
There are 3 important factors to consider before even thinking about the process of getting in :-

  • Are you a true Sales person?
  • Do you have any Medical qualifications or knowledge?
  • Are you an experienced driver with a full, clean driving license?

If you have anwered no to any of those questions you may not want to read on.

Top 5 tips for getting started in Medical Sales.
The 5 P's:

  1. Presentation
  2. Passion
  3. Persistence
  4. Patience
  5. Professionalism

Other key qualities needed to secure a Medical Sales Job.

There are a number of key elements which can give you a head start over the competition when entering the Medical Sales forum.

The 5 P's are essential and will be spotted quickly at interview stage.

The others are no less important and can be the difference between getting the job, or not. These are –

  • The importance of Communication skills are often understated when we talk about sales. Too many sales people love the sound of their own voice and this is offputting for customers. It is more important to listen than to speak. We have two ears and one mouth – use them accordingly. Customers will respond more favourably to a Sales person who understands their needs and listens rather than rushes in with what they think the Customer needs.
  • Drive and ambition – also demonstrated as passion. This is a key skill which will be spotted at interview stage quickly and needs to be genuine.
  • Knowledge of the Medical profession, demonstrated by a Medical qualification – (usually preferred), or if not, suitable training courses which have been attended showing a genuine interest in getting into the Medical Sales field.
  • Self confidence – this is an attractive quality and makes a customer or interviewer trust and warm to you.
  • Experience – nothing beats it when it comes to getting a job. But, without it, where do you start?.
    Shadowing Medical Sales Reps
    Speaking to competitors
    Speaking to other Medical Sales Reps
    Attending any Medical Sales courses
    Internet searches
  • Honesty – if you don’t know, say it. Blaggers do not get far in Sales
  • Resilience– if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again – do not take it personally. This applies to both the interview stages and actually doing the job
  • Sincerity – someone who smiles easily and is warm and approachable will win people over quicker than those who don’t.
  • Ability to prioritise – Spending most time on what is important and profitable and less time on what is not. But never neglecting anything.
  • Organisation – time management and being highly organized makes your work load easier and more profitable.
  • Diligence – effort and hard work will always be rewarded

Before and during the medical sales interview process -

  1. Interview yourself in a mirror – essential to be confident about your appearance and professionalism. Important to know how you appear in front of others.
  2. Know the Company who is interviewing you – library, internet and speaking to the right people in their field will give you a good idea of their products and reputation.
  3. It costs a Medical Company approx €70k to hire you for the job! – bear this in mind when you are interviewing as it reminds you how much you need to convince the interviewers in order for them to take a risk with you as opposed to someone with experience.
  4. Be very sure as anything less will be spotted quickly.
  5. Never use a list for an answer e.g. – when asked ‘what can you bring to this job?’, Do not reply with ‘I am dedicated, professional, determined’...... Reply with ‘I am dedicated, an example of this is............... and so on.
  6. Smile and listen

For more Interview advice see our Interveiw tips and advice section.

Practical Measures to help get a medical sales interview -

‘Don’t tell me, show me’
This is a well known phrase in Sales and it is what Sales Managers want to see.

As a new start, you will be up against those with experience and you will have a lot more to prove . It is essential you can demonstrate in facts your determination and commitment to this career.

A list is never as effective as actual evidence. We suggest that you do all of the following if you are looking for a medical sales job:

  • Join the MRII (Medical Representatives Institute of Ireland) as a Student Member –
  • Shadow at least 1 Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and write a formal report on the day and what you learned about the job. (Download Report Form)
  • Attend as many relevant training courses as possible. There are many of these available depending on your location, so the best option is to do a google search for your area or contact us for advice. While all sales courses are of some benefit, we would advise you to do a specific Medical Sales course so you may discuss its relevance and what you learned at interview stage. To spend money and time shows initiative and genuine interest in this field.
  • Ensure you have an understanding of the Industry and be aware of current issues in the Media etc.

Prepared for a career in Medical Sales?

Take the next step and view our current Medical Sales Jobs. Our jobs change regularly so don't forget to bookmark our site.

Good Luck

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Shadowing Form Download

Shadowing a Medical Sales Rep is a great way to gain insight into the job. Maximise your shadowing experience by writing a report of the day.

Here we have provided a template to structure that report. It will focus the time you spend and help you to ask relevant questions that will help you when you are being interviewed.

Dowload Shadowing Report Template

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