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Curriculum Vitae. CV Layout Advice

how to lay out your CV

Jackie Brown Medical Ltd have years of experience with CV Layouts. It is very easy to have a sharp CV that communicates "who you are" to a prospective employer without forcing them to wade through irrelevant details. If an employer can access the information about you in seconds then you will increase your chances of being called for interview.

It is equally easy to get it very wrong and decrease your chances of getting the job. Unless you are looking for a job in design a CV does not have to be enhanced by use of boxes or any of the other display tools available to you. In fact, a simple well presented CV with the information set out in a manner that makes it easy to find will make a far more professional impression.

Follow the CV Layout guide here and/or use the CV Template Dowload on the right. The CV Tips Page will give you further, vital, information.

Personal Details

Your name, address and contact details (telephone and email address). Nationality, date of birth, marital status are optional.
Full clean drivers license (if relevant).

Personal Profile

This short synopsis is the difference between an employer taking the time to read the rest of your CV or not. Its importance cannot be underestimated.
It is a short, sharp, brief, overview of:

  1. Who you are
  2. Where you are
  3. Where you have been
  4. Where you want to get to


Most recent first.
This should cover all third level or second level education.
Date, college, qualification received.
It is not necessary to put in full Leaving Certificate results unless it is your only qualification in this section.

Skills / Training

This section is optional and only suitable if you have achieved particular skills and/or training relevant to the job you are applying for.

Work History

Most recent first.
Give most details about the jobs relevant to the job you are applying for.
Dates, company name and address, job title and reason for leaving should be included.

Hobbies / Interests

Choose three. Be honest, remembering that this may be a topic of conversation at an interview. This section is often underestimated, but bear in mind, that it is the one opportunity to add some colour to an otherwise black and white account of your life to date.


This is an optional section and only needs the words,"References available on request" if you include it.

See CV tips for content guidelines and Do's and Dont's

CV Template Download

Download a CV template in Microsoft Word format.
All that is left for you to do is put in your details.
Download CV Template

More CV Advice

This page teaches you how to present your CV in a professional manner. The Content is equally important. View our
CV Tips Page
for more information on your CV content. It provides useful information that will help you avoid the common and less common mistakes that people make on their CV's.